Images Ink  Odessa, Texas
Images Ink Odessa Texas t-shirts, caps and specialty items
Images Ink Odessa, Texas

Direct Printing  DIRECT PRINTING
  (GARMENTS, CAPS, BAGS & BINDERS)  Direct imprinting, 1   to 6 colors on garments, up to 4 colors on caps and bags   and 1 color on binders has been our specialty since 1976.   Many of our dealers drop ship goods directly from the   manufacturer or wholesaler to us. We receive and verify   each order before processing and ship the finished   products to the dealer or to your customer under your   cover. Most orders are processed within 7 to 10 working   days and we guarantee the quality of the printing.
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emblemsImages provides printed emblems for the Rental Uniform Industry in much of the southwest. Our low minimum order policy, no art charges, superior quality, and easy to understand pricing has made us unique in the Industry.  We ship new orders within 5 working days when accompanied with adequate art. Most exact repeat orders are shipped in 3 to 4 working days. Our quick delivery and low minimum policy eliminates the need for back up  inventory in your Order Room.

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